The report query



Retrieval Services

送检流程Inspection process

Warm prompt:
1. This system is available for queries after January 1, 2010 in our company to apply for the test report, if you want to query report before this date, please feedback to HCT customer commissioner, the system data retention period is one year.
2. The data of this system is used only for customer query verification certificate, report authenticity, don't do it.
3. This page, a total of two query conditions (report number, report verification code) must be complete before report verification with the query.
4. Report query authentication code for the test report first page number and the bottom right hand corner.
5. If the query is less than the report data or with the content of the report is not consistent, please report will scan or by fax to HCT;
E-mail: fax: 0755-89594380
6. If the download of the query report can't normal check, please download and install PDF reading software
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